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Pashemaan - 23rd March 2016


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Pashemaan is a love story set in a backdrop of family traditions and relationships. It reflects on how minor conflicts between love and family values lead to disaster and regrets.

Pashemaan is the story of a girl Zartasha who is madly in love with Sohail. Due to her family tradition of marrying girls within the same cast, Zartasha succumbs to family pressure and ends up marrying Taimoor against her will. The story develops further when Zartasha’s rudeness and unfair attitude towards Taimoor compels him to divorce Zartasha, giving her a chance to re-unite with Sohail.

What follows is something that Zartasha had never expected. The love for which she left Taimoor only leaves her with guilt and regret surrounding her at the end!

Director: M. Husnain Abbas
Writer: M. Maqsood
Cast: Syra Yousuf and Shehroz Sabzwari

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